Getting the most out of my last days on vacation


I love…Moisturizing Body Lotion – review

I bought two of these lotions yesterday. I love raspberry & blackberry, and I love vanilla & ice cream. Tried the raspberry one this morning and I love it. First, the bottle looks… Continue reading


I love necklaces. Big ones. If go out and not wearing one always feel incomplete. Something’s missing. Got these two recently. Becoming obsessed with owl stuff lately. If I see something with an… Continue reading

Lady Gaga Applause critic

I’ve heard the song a few days ago and didn’t really like it. Just seen the official video and those were literally the longest 3minutes and 35 seconds of my life. Considering the… Continue reading

New found love for white clothes – never say never

Was never one of the people who loved wearing white. You have to be extra careful when it comes to white clothes. Was successfully avoiding it during summers too. Bought a white dress… Continue reading

Garnier Moisture Match Review

Bought this magazine a few days ago and seen this free sample attached to it. It was Garnier Moisture Match sample. The thing I love about samples is that, you get to try… Continue reading

Yellow Flower Ring

I love accessories, bracelets, necklaces, rings, you name it. Since I can’t wear earrings (even though I’d love that more than anything), always try to buy other stuff, to compensate, I guess. Rings… Continue reading

Old Bridge

A few days ago I visited Mostar, Bosnia. This bridge was built during Ottoman Empire, XVI century. It’s really magnificent, especially at night. I absolutely loved it. x