5 Back to School Hacks

It’s been a while since the last time I posted an article, although I always plan to finally publish something. Hectic schedule, too many articles to write and too little time didn’t allow me to do much other than work. Anyway, I’m not writing this post to complain about lack of free time. Summer vacation is over and going back to school can be stressful, which is why it’s always useful to know different hacks that make the process significantly easier. Below, I’m going to list five hacks that helped me. 


1. Read through lessons you did last year 

Once you’re done with the certain subject in school, pass your test, get grades, and the school year is over, it’s easy to ditch everything and never look back again. That would work in a fairy tale land, but not in reality. Everything you’ll do this year is linked to the stuff you had to learn the year before. That’s why it’s always useful to read through lessons you did last year. In turn, you’ll have a strong foundation for subjects and lessons that are ahead. 

2. Have a goal 

Goals help us stay on the right track and keep us grounded. Don’t know about you, but I would be lost without goals that help me achieve things I set out for myself. When you’re just back to school it’s easy to think there’s enough time to figure out your path this year. But it’s always better to have a precise goal at the very beginning and work toward achieving it. Of course, your success depends on the ability to set suitable goal. Always make sure it is specific (avoid vague decisions), measurable, and realistic. If you find goal-setting overwhelming or you think it would be impossible to achieve it, just divide one big goal into smaller milestones. Your goal can be just about anything you’d like to accomplish this school year.

3. Stay organized

Being organized is vital! In fact, lack of organization can hinder your progress and motivation at the very beginning of school year. Your mind doesn’t like clutter. By clutter I mean both the mess on your desk and in your mind. Always write everything down, use your planner or notes in a smartphone, and stick to the plans. You’ll notice a major improvement in your attitude and productivity. Speaking of planners and writing stuff down, you’ll benefit more from using only one notebook or planner rather than more of them. 

4. Keep up

There’s enough time, I’ll catch up. How many times have you used this sentence as an excuse to avoid studying at the beginning of school year? After all, the academic year has just started and you only want a few more days (or weeks) to enjoy and have fun. The more you wait, the more lessons keep piling on one another until you are swamped with all things to do, study, and prepare. To avoid the stress and frustration that come with all this, just keep up with lessons and studying from the very beginning. You’ll notice how easier it is to learn something, revise for exams, etc. 

5. Think pink

Our mindset has a major influence on everything we do. Negative thinking only adds to the stress and decreases your motivation. Not a good way to go when you’re back in school! Instead, try to think positively and believe in yourself. Instead of thinking I can’t try with of course I can. When thinking positively, you finally realize there are no obstacles that can stop you from achieving the goals you’ve set out for yourself. When you get a bad grade, try to use it as a lesson to learn, not a failure. When a teacher or professor says something you don’t like, consider his/her words as constructive criticism rather than a hatred. Change your perspective and you’ll notice a change in your attitude toward school and the overall performance. 

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