8 Tips to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

The year 2017 is just around the corner and I’m sure you have a bunch of New Year’s resolutions. Some people want to lose weight, others want to be more active, earn more money, accomplish something, and so on. While to most people making decisions before the new year arrives seems symbolic, it’s impossible to ignore the fact a great deal of these resolutions isn’t achieved. Just a few weeks, or even days, later you find yourself giving up and wait for December to make the same New Year’s resolution again. Achieving goals you set out for yourself doesn’t have to be so difficult. All you need is a proper approach! Throughout this post, I’m going to give you a few useful and practical tips and tricks to stick to your goals in 2017.best-happy-new-year-pictures

1.Stick to one thing 

A vast majority of these resolutions are about lifestyle changes. People want to revolutionize their lifestyle in order to be happier and healthier. If you think that accomplishing this task includes changing everything at once, you’re mistaken. That way, it’s never going to work! Instead, pick one aspect you’d like to change and get it started. When trying to change multiple things at once, the chances are high you’ll feel overwhelmed and frustrated. The goal is to avoid those negative experiences. 

2. Set goals properly 

The most common reason why people fail to stick to their New Year’s resolutions is because they don’t set goals properly. Ideally, the goals should be specific. For example, saying you want to lose weight is vague, doesn’t keep you focused on the target, and you’re bound to stray from the direction. On the other hand, deciding to lose a certain amount of extra pounds within a specific timeframe gives you a better chance at achieving your goals. Regardless of your goal, you should make them specific and realistic. You’ll have even more benefits by dividing the big goal into several smaller ones i.e. milestones you can accomplish easily. Why? Once you complete one milestone, you’ll have more confidence and it’s going to keep you motivated to work even harder. 

3. Plan ahead 

To stick to your New Year’s resolution, it’s practical to research the change you’re making in your life or different ways you can achieve your goal. The more you know about the subject, the easier it will be. 

4. Acknowledge it won’t be easy

Every path has its obstacle, c’est la vie. The type of the resolution doesn’t really matter here, it’s important to acknowledge it won’t be that easy. Take a few moments to think and identify potential problems that might arise. Write them down! Once you determine possible issues, it will be easier for you to come up with different solutions and overcome them. This will help you feel prepared for everything, you’ll handle problems easily, and move one step forward towards accomplishing your goal. 

5. Write it down

Did you know that people are more likely to stick to their goal if they write it down? Somehow, writing stuff down seems like an official announcement that you’re obliged to stick to. That’s why you should take a piece of paper and write down your New Year’s resolutions in your planner, post-it notes, you can also write them onto your phone and remind yourself of things you promised in December 2016. 

6. Reward yourself 

Let’s face it; we all like to treat ourselves and, frankly, we deserve to be spoiled from time to time. When trying to stick to your New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget to reward yourself for all the hard work and progress you’re making. Choose a monthly reward (it can be just about anything) that you will look forward to and the only way to get it is to stick to your goal and achieve the milestone you’ve set out. This is yet another motivation booster!

7. Trick your mind

New Year’s resolutions can be hard to keep without a sense of accomplishment. As I mentioned above, having specific, realistic goals is a great way to feel accomplished, another practical way is to trick your mind. How? It’s not that difficult; try with the placebo effect by focusing on anything that makes you feel like you’re sticking to the resolution and succeeding in your endeavor. There’s no “one size fits all” rule here; focus on anything that will make you feel that you’re, indeed, on the right track to realize your goal. For example, if your resolution is to lose weight; then eat from smaller plates and focus on the new change regarding your diet. The sense of accomplishment will inspire you to do more, try harder, and you’ll end up sticking to stuff you promised. 

8. Keep a log/journal 

Writing things down doesn’t only help when you’re creating your goals, but in their progress and accomplishment as well. The reason is simple; you get a detailed insight into everything you do regarding your goal. This helps you define strengths and weaknesses that have to be improved so you can succeed. 

Mistakes to avoid

  • Lack of routine 
  • Choosing a resolution that requires skills you don’t have (or you’re not willing to learn)
  • Vague goals 
  • Too many goals at once
  • Being afraid to fail (every failure is a lesson to learn and it, actually, helps you succeed if you stick to your goal because you’ll know what not to do later)
  • Negative self-talk (use positive affirmations to boost your confidence)

Achieving your New Year’s resolution doesn’t have to be a mission impossible when you know what to do and choose the right approach. Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.

What is your resolution for 2017? How do you stick to goals you set out for yoruself? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.