Fall Fashion Must-Have: Cardigan

Haven’t posted anything since July and I think it’s time to update my blog. September’s here and besides the fact it means October’s near (and the new season of The Walking Dead), it also indicates the end of the summer and I’m perfectly fine with that. Frankly, I don’t like summer at all; I hate the scorching heat and everything that comes with it. On the other hand, Fall and Winter are perfect.Β 

This is also the time when we’re slowly putting away summer clothes and take out or shop for warmer stuff. When it comes to shopping, I can’t describe how much I love getting cardigans. It’s a Fall/Spring must-have.Β 

The pictures below show cardigan I bought a few months ago, actually. It’s kind of brownish, I like it even though I am not a fan of brown πŸ™‚

There are many reasons why you should own at least one cardigan. For example:Β 

  • It adds color and patterns to your outfitΒ 
  • Cardigan makes you look more stylish
  • It’s warm and comfyΒ 
  • Cardigan allows you to wear summer shirts and tops even when it’s cold outside (that’s what I always do)Β 
  • You can wear one cardigan with different outfits and still look greatΒ 
  • They’re affordable, it’s possible to find a perfect cardigan regardless of your budgetΒ 

Here’s a little bit of cardigan inspiration for you:Β 

What’s your favorite Fall fashion item? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.Β