Olivia Palermo: Your Ultimate Style Inspiration

Our style represents our true personality. It depicts who we really are. While some people assume fashion as something extremely superficial, I strongly disagree. Our clothes, makeup, style and everything about it helps us express our true selves. 

However, style isn’t something you build over night, you work on it throughout your life. It’s always good to have your own style inspiration, someone whose style you find perfect that it inspires your own outfits. Today, fashion trends are based on what celebrities and socialites wear the most. Unfortunately, many of them have awful fashion choices. For example, it has become quite fashionable to go out looking  like you’re practically naked. It’s needless to mention those sheer, lace dresses whose only purpose is to say “hey look, I’m not wearing underwear”. 

Personally, I love Victoria Beckham‘s style. I would wear everything from her closet, but there are other fashionable women I find inspiring as well, e.g. Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo was born on February 28, 1986 in Connecticut. She became famous due to reality series The City, which documented the personal and professional lives of Whitney Port and her friends. Luckily, Palermo didn’t get sucked into notorious lifestyle filled with scandals that other reality stars have and became quite important in fashion world. She also runs her own website where you can get special tips and tricks from the star. If you’re looking for inspiration for your outfits etc, then Olivia Palermo gallery below can be quite helpful. Take a look.