That Divine Marigold

I haven’t posted anything for a while, but decided to start doing it again. Skin, the biggest organ of our body, is prone to various types of damage. For example, excessive exposure to Sun’s damaging UV rays, pollution, wind, even cold temperatures; all these factors can make our skin look damaged, dry, and dull.

Winter is just around the corner and dry skin comes with it. With the right products, this xan be avoided.Even lips can become scaly, dry, and unappealing. I face this problem all the time, even harsh winds can make my lips seem rough and even painful.

Luckily, I read somewhere all the amazing benefits of marigold and gave it a chance. The marigold creams can be categorized as universal solution for various skin problems ; they ease burns, cuts, and are excellent for dry patches. The best thing of all, they make your lips smoother and healthier.

I use it in the morning, before I head out and even begore bed.

Therefore, my tip for healthy lips and smooth skin this winter is purchasing marigold cream.

I bought mine at dm (drogerie markt).

Luckily, these creams are available everywhere and quite affordable. Nothing to lose.

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