Oscars 2015: Best and Worst Dressed

The 87th Academy Awards ceremony took place on Sunday (February 22, 2015) at Dolby Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles. The award show was hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.

When it comes to red carpet, the celebrities were dressed better than at previous awards shows this season. There were no too many trashy outfits. It was difficult to come up with best and worst dressed list. Except a few obvious (good or bad) choices, others were a close call.

Jennifer Lopez was without a doubt the best dressed woman on the red carpet. She looked like a princess. I adored her dress, so stunning. Cate Blanchett was elegant (like always). Reese Witherspoon was beautiful and sophisticated. Margot Robbie proved that long-sleeved black dress doesn’t have to be boring. Anna Kendrick‘s dress was pretty, I loved the color. Rosamund Pike had a lot of hits and misses this season, but her last night’s outfit was a hit. Emma Stone made it clear that you can wear long-sleeved, non-plunging dress and still look fabulous. Lupita Nyong’o played it safe with a white dress, and looked lovely. I didn’t think Rita Ora would look elegant (due to her questionable outfits) but she made it. Jennifer Hudson‘s dress was sexy, elegant and its color was amazing.

When it comes to the worst dressed people, Torill Kove is the first name on the list. She looked like she didn’t even iron the dress, it was an ugly sight. Solange Knowles‘ outfit just wasn’t for Oscars, didn’t look nice, sophisticated at all. Dortih Mous was another failure as well. Blanca Blanco wore a radiant red dress, but it wasn’t a success. Felicity Jones wanted a princess moment, but her dress looked rather messy. Lorelei Linklater‘s dress just wasn’t Oscar-worthy. Gina Rodriguez could find a better dress. Everyone loved Scarlett Johansson‘s dress, but I wasn’t a fan. I like Scarlett and I know she can look great in everything and needs a better dress. Lady Gaga showed up in princess dress with dishwasher gloves. No, just no! America Ferrera‘s dress was unflattering, especially on the top. It did nothing for her.

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