2015 Grammy Awards: Best and Worst Dressed

57th Annual Grammy Awards were held on Sunday (February 8, 2015) in Los Angeles’ Staples Center.

I am, most certainly, not impressed by celebrities and their outfits. Most of them were truly awful.

All in all, this Grammys ceremony was a parade of bad taste justified as high fashion. Yes, those celebrities were high, but the clothes they wore were not fashion.

My best dressed was Beyonce, loved her gown. Jennifer Hudson opted for a little white dress and she looked sweet. Kim Kardashian is on the list too, and may I add her hair was fabulous. NIcole Kidman‘s dress was cute. Miranda Lambert, Katy Perry, Jessie J and Jhene Aiko are all included in the list. Also, Anna Kendrick wore a tuxedo which looked elegant, sophisticated and sexy. Taylor Swift did a great job with mermaid-blue dress.

The worst dressed celebrity was Rihanna. Her dress was simply horrible. Also didn’t like Miley Cyrus‘ outfit, looked rather cheap. Ciara‘s dress didn’t impress me. Meghan Trainor‘s dress didn’t flatter her, at all. Madonna‘s outfit was ugly, horrible and desperate. Iggy Azalea, Jenny Lewis are on the list too. Joy Villa wore a dress that made me ashamed of being a girl. Toni Braxton and Jane Fonda are all on the worst dressed list too.

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Below are galleries of best and worst dressed at the ceremony.