Best and worst dressed in 2014

The end of every year is that time when we get to read lists of “best and worst” in practically everything – sports, music, movies, fashion, science, politics, you name it.

Considering I’ve done numerous best and worst dressed lists throughout this year, it’s about time I summarize all that in one final list of 2014. Best and worst dressed in the year that’s about to end in just a few days.

Best dressed list isn’t that surprising. It includes people like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, the women that can’t do wrong when it comes to fashion. Also, it wouldn’t be a best dressed list without Kate Middleton. Amy Adams was lovely at every red carpet this year, and Taylor Swift too (we’ll forgive her for that VMA outfit). Blake Lively was stunning as usual, just like Charlize Theron and Sofia Vergara.

Kim Kardashian was without a doubt the worst dressed celebrity this year. Don’t know if it’s Kanye West’s influence or she fell and hit her head badly, but it has gone worse and worse. She is trying way too hard to look sexy without thinking about being sophisticated and elegant at the same time. Every single appearance is just trashy. Other celebs on the worst dressed list are Rita Ora and Lilly Allen. Lena Dunham wore hideous gowns throughout the entire year. Mariah Carey – what can be said about Mariah, don’t think she was ever included in the best dressed list, in her entire career. Katy Perry and Lady Gaga share the same fashion taste, or should I say, they have none. Jessie J , Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum are also the worst dressed celebs of this year.

Hopefully, in 2015 we will get to see some great fashion moments, lovely gowns and decrease of bad taste in entertainment.

Here are the galleries of best and worst dressed celebrities in 2014:



Happy New Year and best wishes in upcoming year to you all.Β