Fall & Winter 2014/15 – What’s in?

Cold weather doesn’t mean we have to leave our fashion sense behind. We can wear season-appropriate clothes and still look great.

When it comes to Fall and Winter of 2014/15 cloaks are a must-have. Inspired by all those fairy-tales or maybe even Game Of Thrones, all designers included cloaks in their collections. I love them BTW. Trench coats are always in. That’s classic and you can never go wrong wearing them. Same with cardigans. Some pieces are always IN, no matter what year it is. Also, long coats, or a bit shorter coats are popular too. You should be able to bring attention to your waist.

Skirts and dresses are highly popular. Even skirts/dresses over pants (I’m not a fan of that).

Scarves are always a great accessory, plus they keep you warm. Other accessories include statement necklaces and collars. Totes are still popular. They’ll never be OUT, if you ask me. Can’t imagine myself going out (anywhere) without my bag.

Here you can see what’s popular this fall and winter in several categories:


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And remember, price doesn’t always guarantee the quality. Just because the piece of clothing is expensive, doesn’t mean it’s a quality product.

You only look great if you feel great.

Be smart, choose wisely.Β