Peter Pan Collars


The first official Peter Pan collar was designed by John White Alexander and his wife in collaboration with MMaude_Adams_as_Peter_Panaude Adams for the 1905 production of Peter and Wendy in New York. Even though, Peter Pan didn’t actually have the collar in the book or the original 1904 London production, Maude Adams’ collar proved to be a huge success. Since then, the collar has been associated with Peter Pan and hence the name.

After the play, the collar became popular (so popular it was even included in wedding dresses).

NOW, it’s included in children’s school uniforms and every fashionable girl’s closet.

THE DIFFERENCE between Peter Pan collars and regular collars is the fact that Peter Pan collar follows the neckline closely, has round corners and it’s flat.

THE BEST THING ABOUT IT – just like you can buy a shirt or dress with Peter Pan collar on it, you can buy these collars separately. There are a lot of tutorials all over YouTube where you can learn how to do it yourself, like this one:

WHY I LOVE THEM? It’s because they brighten up the outfit and they’re really girly. Plus, it’s good when you don’t want to wear a necklace every single time you go out. Plus, they make me feel like a kid – again.