Review: Maybelline Color Sensational 330 Chic Plum

It’s been a while since I’ve written a product review. This time, I chose Maybelline’s Color Sensational 330 Chic Plum.

First of all, Color Sensational comes in 52 different shades. The color of lipsticks is crisper from pure pigments and they feel creamier due to nourishing honey nectar.


The pack is chic. Its color matches the color of the lipstick itself, which I think is a nice touch. Overall, it looks very elegant and sophisticated. It seems like it cost more than it actually did (that’s always a good thing).Β Maybelline Color Sensational 330 Chic Plum


is creamier. Lipstick also has a nice scent (not tacky or cheap). It’s absorbed nicely and looks very natural.


I applied the lipstick and left home. Was out almost entire day and didn’t have the need to reapply the lipstick over and over again. It stayed on my lips for hours and didn’t even smudge. When I came back home, it was the same way as I applied it. It made me fall in love with this lipstick.

(To get the best out of a lipstick, the best thing to do is to apply it by starting at the center of upper lip. Work from center to outer edges of the lip, following the contours of the mouth. Then, glide across the bottom lip.)

VERDICT: This product is a must-have. Looks elegant, has a perfect texture and natural, sophisticated colors. It’s long-lasting, which is perfect. No one has enough time to check and reapply the lipstick all the time. I’m in love with it and I’m pretty sure every other girl would be too.

This is how it looks on me: