Photography – appreciating ordinary & not so ordinary things in life

At the very beginning, we have to go back in time. People were always trying to find a way to capture an image, to have a certain moment or person immortalized. A lot of experiments were needed and they all led to that moment in 1826 when Joseph Nicephore Niepce managed to capture a permanent photograph of a camera image. He used a sliding wooden box camera made by Charles and Vincent Chevalier in Paris. It was the photo of the view from Joseph’s window. 

Basically, people always had the tendency to capture everything they like or see, or what’s in that particular moment important to them. 

It took ages and ages for camera to hit the markets for “ordinary” people to possess them. But those old pictures have some special charm about them. When you find parents’, grandparents’ old photos, you get that special vibe – the one you can never get while going through photos in your phone nowadays. 

However, technology improves each day and so do cameras and with cameras, phones improve too. 

Now, it is mostly used used to take a picture of ourselves, and with launching of Instagram – pictures of the food we eat (I’m on Instagram (2 weeks or so) and haven’t uploaded a photo of any meal I had). 

With technology improvements, photography enthusiasts get more option to take a nice, meaningful photo. 


Enjoying a peace and quiet during a hot, summer day:

Season changing, fall colors that start appearing, winger magic: 

Finding a cool place: 

Buildings etc. 

(All photos above are mine.)

To sum it up, in the end it doesn’t really matter what is the picture about. We all want to capture something, it can mean something to us only, or to entire world. Someone’s a professional, takes photos for a living, someone’s doing it because they see something cool and just wanna freeze that image in time. It can be snow, rain, sunshine, ordinary flower, travelling photo, but we all must stop and think how wonderful it is to have the ability to appreciate everything around us.