Blake Lively: The winner of Festival de Cannes 2014 Style Battle

67th Cannes Film Festival started on May 14 and ended on May 25. One of the most important film festivals around the world. It’s famous not just for all the movies you can see but for its unique fashion and style that’s displayed every day and night on the red carpet.

Blake Lively didn’t have a film to promote – her new big role is in The Age of Adaline and the movie will be released in 2015. Considering she’s keeping low profile and not attending too many social events it was surprise to see her at the Festival. However, Blake had a double role at Cannes:

  • Accompanying her husband Ryan Reynolds at the premier of his latest movie The Captive, which received many negative reviews and Ryan was even booed at the premiere.
  • Another role was connected to L’Oreal Paris. Blake is the new face of the famous brand which is involved with the festival.

Bringing your A game certainly isn’t that easy, but Blake pulled it off. All her looks were flawless and it’s perfectly clear why she’s described as one of the future style icons. Never been on the trashy side, always channeling sophistication and elegance which makes all designers want to work with her. Christian Louboutin even created shoes named after Blake.

Blake’s Cannes Film Festival looks:

Serena van der Woodsen is all grown up and her style is better than ever.