Victoria Beckham turns 40: her 40 best looks

First of all, I’m not being objective here. I love Victoria Beckham, and always did.

She came a long way, from Posh Spice, to just being famous footballer’s wife to becoming a fashion icon.

When think of Victoria, pictures of perfect high heels, nice fitted dresses and entire outfit accessorized with big sunglasses appear in my mind.

In the era where being famous for being famous is all talent some people have, and where the internet is practically cluttered with celebrities who do all the wrong things and set wrong ideals to kids who look up to them – Victoria BeckhamΒ represents a perfect role model. No scandalous behavior, no public breakdowns, no x-rated home videos, no Miley Cyrus/Rihanna/Kim Kardashian types of media presence. Victoria Beckham knows what she wants and works hard for it.

She’s a woman who manages to combine a very successful fashion career along with family, husband and four kids.

Being successful fashion designer isn’t such an easy job but judging by her collections, she does it perfectly. I’m absolutely in love with each and every one of those dresses.

Basically, I wouldn’t mind spending my life in Victoria Beckham’s closet or her fashion studio.