13 things I love (right now)

1. Favorite book: Dan Brown – Inferno

2. Favorite song: James Arthur – Recovery

3. Favorite season: Winter and Fall



Fall (from my balcony)


Winter (from my balcony)

4. Favorite sport/team: football, not American football – real football. Love watching games. True Manchester United supporter.

Manchester United badge

 5. Favorite country/city: England/London. Everything’s perfect about it, its history, its buildings, everything. Another planet.


6. Favorite thing to wear: love trying out new clothes but prefer wearing dresses.


7. Favorite nail polish color: red and pink, even though I like absolutely every nail polish, don’t even know how many of them I actually own.


My nails – pink


My nails - red

My nails – red

8. Favorite makeup item: lipstick and mascara. Putting makeup on without applying mascara just seems undone.

Essence Lash Mania mascara (Hypnotic Black)

Essence Lash Mania mascara (Hypnotic Black)


Essence lipstick - 44, Almost Famous

Essence lipstick – 44, Almost Famous

9. Favorite lipgloss: Essence XXXL shine.

Essence XXXL Shine lipgloss

10. Favorite hairstyle: long, straight hair.

My hairstyle

11. Favorite TV show: The Walking Dead – absolutely love it, and think it’s the only show that doesn’t annoy me. Usually stop watching something after only a few episodes.

The Walking Dead

12. Favorite movie: Frozen. Could watch it over and over again.


13. Favorite celebrity: Victoria Beckham – beautiful, smart, raises a big family and still manages to be successful business woman. Way better role model than so many other woman who are famous for being famous (Kim Kardashian) or waste their money on drugs and alcohol (Rihanna).

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham