Balea Professional Hair Conditioner (Repair+Pflege Spulung) Review

I have done lots of Balea product reviews, so doing one more.

Today, I’ve tried out Balea’s hair conditioner – REPAIR +PFLEGE SPULUNG which actually means repair, care.

The product has an awesome smell, which is one of the most important things to me. Very easy to use: apply it on wet hair, rinse after 1min and that’s it.

It has no silicone, contains nourishing Gelée Royale and micro proteins. Gelée Royale is the thick, milky white substance secreted by worker bees. This substance is the food of the queen bee, hence the term “royal jelly”. Also, the conditioner has anti-static complex which prevents the “flying hair” situation. It stops hair from breaking off.

Just after one use you can notice the difference. The hair is smooth, shiny and it’s so easy to brush it.

Recommending it to everyone. Image