November issue of Vogue rant

November issue of Vogue rant

I’ve just seen Vogue’s November 2013 cover and it really pissed me off. Kate Winslet is beyond beautiful and sophisticated woman and yet they managed to make her look lifeless, fake and totally plastic.
As almost always, photos were taken and edited by Mario Testino.
Really don’t understand the need and obsession with airbrushing everything and everyone.
Why does everyone have to look like frozen sculpture?
It’s not just about making everything look perfect and making women all around the world hate the way they look. It’s about setting this plastic trend which doesn’t look perfect at all.
Kate is a perfect example. Such a beautiful lady looks like a Barbie doll on a cover. What happened to all those face lines that make you YOU? Every single line on our face is part of our personality and character. That’s US. Why removing it? Why making it look like it doesn’t matter?
It does matter. Making people look plastic and fake in name of fashion is not OK.