Balea hair mask – review

Balea hair mask - review

Love my hair. That’s why always try to look for products that won’t ruin it.
Usually masks, conditioners and other stuff can really mess up my hair. Looks weird after.
Bought Balea’s hair mask (fig and pearl).

For those who don’t know, Balea is the brand of famous cosmetics and other products chain of stores from Germany – dm (drogerie markt). Balea is known for quality products and their great prices.

This mask was no exception, was really cheap. Considering they have never let me down and their products are all safe decided to try it.

The pack looks really nice, purple, which I like. About 200ml of mask in it.
Smells nice, creamy.

Washed my hair. Took a towel, dried it off a little, just let the towel to soak in the water. Applied the mask. Washed it off after 2 or 3 minutes.

After drying the hair the difference was noticeable. It was smoother and shinier than usual. And it had that great smell that didn’t go away, not even the next day.

The mask has the formula which makes brushing the hair even easier.

The best thing that happened to my hair.
I love my hair, almost obsessed with it. Not every product can amaze me, and this one did for sure.
It’s so nice, and can’t get enough of that great smell. Smoothness makes me wanna run fingers through it all the time.
Must-have, definitely.

Ams, x