Essence lipstick (Almost famous, 44) – review

I love Essence. They usually have so many cool things which are really good but also acceptable price. 

Since I have lots and lots of red lipsticks of different shades, decided to buy this Essence bright red lipstick, shade 44 – Almost famous. To try it out.

I love the color and that pack is cute, as well. What I like about these lipsticks from Essence I’ve seen yesterday, is that all packs have the exactly same color as the lipstick inside. So it makes the search for the best shade way easier. 

The lipstick has a nice smell too, which I like.

So, I’ve put it on when I got home. It’s not too dry like some lipsticks are. Looks really nice on the lips. After that, I’ve gone out, had a few drinks with my friends and lipstick was still on. It didn’t come off. 

That’s good to know, cause hate when I’m out and have to apply something ov
er and over again. With this lipstick, it’s not the case.

Like the most Essence products I’ve used this one proved to be everything I wanted. And the best part is: you get quality makeup for acceptable price. Who wouldn’t love that?
If you’re looking for a nice, bright red lipstick that is durable and you don’t have to apply it all the time, even when you go out at night and have a few drinks, this one is the best for you.