Miss Sporty So Matte foundation – review

I’m not a big fan of foundations. Since never had problems with my skin, have nothing to conceal and don’t really


have the need to use foundations. Mostly decide to apply it when I’m going out at night. Even then it’s only liquid foundation I opt for, never powder or something else.

Haven’t applied it at all this summer. Foundations felt like too much of a pressure on my face, especially when it’s too hot and literally feel like my skin can’t breathe.

Friend recommended me Miss Sporty’s So Matte foundation. Decided to apply it one day and see how it feels like.


It comes in a really nice bottle. Not a tube, you don’t squeeze it out. It’s kind of a pump looking thing, so it can never get out more than you want.


It feels creamy, not too liquid.


Unlike some foundations which appear to be too shiny a

fter you apply it (even if you choose the right one for your skin type) it’s not the case with this one.

It has that matte effect, no shine or whatsoever.

This foundation is very light, your skin can breathe, and you can even wear it when it’s hot outside without worrying about it melting or looking weird on your face. It stays perfectly the same way you applied it.

Lasts up to 14 hours – description on it. And I have to admit, it is true. You can apply it and be safe all day, don’t have to re-apply.

Besides all that, your face is perfectly smooth when you touch it.

It’s enriched with vitamins A, C and E, so no fear of

doing anything bad to your skin.


Was really surprised by this foundation. Even though I’m not fan of them, this one is really great. My face never felt so smooth and light, didn’t have to worry about it messing up or melting when I was out in the sun.

It’s not expensive, AT ALL, affordable and stays perfectly.

Recommending to all.