Getting the most out of my last days on vacation

On the way to Old Town

The oldest mosque in the country, it’s possible to climb all over on top. Great view actually (said by the people who aren’t scared of heights).

The Old Bridge, obviously

There’s annual competition where guys from all over Europe compete and jump off the bridge. This guy does it for tourists every day.

Inside one of the biggest malls in this part of Europe. Awesome for shopping.

And this is how it looks like outside

Mepas Mall one more time

One of the oldest churches and convents in Bosnia. Built during Ottoman Empire.

Golden statue of Bruce Lee. Have no idea what’s his connection to this place. But still..

One of the most interesting cathedrals I’ve seen in a while. Looks so modern.

Cathedral again

The river, Neretva, is so green kinda has that hypnotizing effect on you.

Enjoying the view from Old Bridge