Lady Gaga Applause critic

I’ve heard the song a few days ago and didn’t really like it.

Just seen the official video and those were literally the longest 3minutes and 35 seconds of my life.

Considering the effort she’s put into the promotion of song and video, someone would think it would be better.

The song is typical type of a catchy song you hear all the time on radio or wherever. To be honest, this club beat is really annoying me lately, every song is the same.

The video is not much better. You see different costumes, different thing but it’s all attempt to shock the world. Β Don’t think that’s working anymore.

When you have a weak song, you can always use nudity to promote it. And that’s what Gaga does. Wait, that’s what everyone does.

Even her being almost naked in the video isn’t helping to make stuff look better.

She’s desperately trying to repeat the success she had with Poker Face, Bad Romance, and stuff like that, so she’s doing whatever she thinks will work, just to get that success back.

Let’s face it, her best days are over, the song isn’t even earning like she thought it would. Read the news yesterday, Katy Perry’s song has been sold and downloaded more times than Gaga’s.

What Gaga needs to do is to try something new. Nudity – we’ve seen it all, masks and costumes – aren’t interesting anymore, songs – club beats – annoying – feels the same like all other songs you hear nowadays, video – typical, nothing new.

What about making music for music and not for shocking people? If your sole purpose is to shock everyone cause you know that’s gonna sell like nudity, then you’re doing it wrong.

She keeps repeating she’s an artist, but I don’t see art there. No art whatsoever.

All in all, the video is even worse than the song itself.

She’s lost it and she knows it.