Garnier Moisture Match Review

Bought this magazine a few days ago and seen this free sample attached to it. It was Garnier Moisture Match sample.
The thing I love about samples is that, you get to try out the product, and then decide are you gonna buy it or not. Instead just buying it, and it’s too late if you don’t like it. The money is spent already.

Garnier Moisture Match is tailored-made moisturizer that’s mean to keep skin hydrated for 24 hours. Perfect make-up base. There’s one moisturizer for each skin type.

So anyway, decided to try it out yesterday.

First thing I notice, and it’s very important to me, is the smell. If it doesn’t smell nice, I probably won’t purchase it, no matter how good it is. Garnier Moisture Match has a great smell, not to strong, not too weak. It’s really, really nice.

When you feel it with your fingers, it seems kinda too liquid, but it’s not. While applying it on your face and feeling it a bit more, it’s creamy. Just the way I like it.
Just a few seconds after applying, skin already seems silky.

Sometimes when you buy stuff like these and when you apply it, skin feels kinda heavy, like you have a mask on your face. This is different, it’s very light and skin can actually breathe.

Face is firm, not oily and not dry.

The feeling gets better in time, the effect doesn’t go away quickly. I applied it yesterday, and my skin still feels the same today. It’s really smooth and soft.

One of the rare products you buy that are actually effective.

Definitely one of the must have products for nice, moisturized skin.

Absolutely love it.