Why You Should Avoid Waist Training

Wearing a corset used to be associated with Middle Ages, sexy underwear, and even musical or burlesque performances. Today, the word corset usually makes people think of waist training. This type of training was largely popularized by members of Kardashian/Jenner clan. Other celebrities joined this weird way of losing wait and sculpting body. Soon after, “regular” girls and women started with waist training as well. We can explain that with the fact that people do whatever Kardashians or Jenners do without even realizing that the things they do (or wear) are usually WRONG. Waist training is no exception. In fact, Dita Von Teese famously stated that celebrity trend of waist training is completely wrong and described it as “It’s like blind leading the blind”. And guess what, she is completely right.


Christopher Ochner, PhD, weight loss and nutrition expert at Mount Sinai Hospital told to Marie Claire that wearing corset can squish your lungs and ribs. In turn, you experience breathing difficulties. He also added that some women even passed out from wearing a corset for far too long.

“Spot reducing doesn’t exist! You can’t reduce the collection of fat in one particular area of your body. If you push your stomach in, all the fat will go right back where it was no matter how long you wear the corset for” says Ochner.


Christopher Ocnher isn’t the only doctor who claims that wearing corsets won’t, actually, help you sculpt your body. For example, Mary Jane Minkin, MD, a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Yale School of Medicine revealed to Women’s Health mag that it scientifically and medically has no sense that clinching your waist tightly will make it appear smaller permanently. She also added: “Once you take the garment off, your body will return to its usual shape.”

Doctor Minkin also revealed that along with breathing difficulties, wearing corsets for too long can also damage your rib cage.

If you want to appear slimmer at a party or some other event, wearing a corset might not be a bad idea. However, there is no scientific proof that wearing corsets regularly can help you lose weight or sculpt your body to get the hourglass figure. In fact, your health can be significantly affected.

Therefore, when trying to lose weight it’s always better to do it the old-fashioned way by making some lifestyle adjustments that include physical activity coupled with healthy diet.

2015 AMAs: Best and Worst Dressed

The 43rd annual American Music Awards ceremony was held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. The ceremony was hosted by Jennifer Lopez. The popular singer changed several dresses throughout the evening, but her red carpet dress was, by far, the worst one.

Just like we’re used to, red carpet arrivals were characterized by pretty, elegant, and sophisticated outfits, and not so sophisticated ones at the same time.

The best dressed list includes Selena Gomez who wore elegant red dress, Nina Dobrev with three-piece that we’d all like to wear, Demi Lovato who looked like she just stepped out of The Great Gatsby. Then, we have Carrie Underwood in her elegant and yet sex outfit, The Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson who showed that you can wear a tux and still look awesome. Keltie Knight wore lovely short green dress, Chelsea Briggs rocked white dress with black stripes, while Hailee Steinfeld opted for short jumpsuit and looked great. The elder Jenner sister, Kendall Jenner, wore little black dress (was playing it safe but still counts), and Meghan Trainor chose longer black dress which made her look slimmer and beautiful.

As mentioned above, Jennifer Lopez tops the worst dressed list (regardless what you wear throughout the evening, red carpet arrival dress IS the most important one), Kylie Jenner looked like she always does – trashy. Gigi Hadid disappointed with her outfit choice as well as new haircut which made her look 10 years older. Gwen Stefani wore quite a ridiculous dress (and why doesn’t she wear red lipstick anymore?) while Ellie Goulding definitely made a wrong outfit choice (again!). The worst dressed list continues with Jenny McCarthy and her red “ensemble”, Z Lala wore, well, I don’t really know what was THAT. Karreueche Tran continues the trend of “Look at Me, I’m Not Wearing Panties or Bra” dresses which I hate. I mean, what’s so sexy about that? Choose a real dress! Fifth Harmony showed they definitely need a new stylist and Julianne Hough wore an awful outfit as well.

Before checking out the gallery of best and worst dress celebs below, feel free to check the best and worst red carpet looks from last year’s ceremony right here.



That Divine Marigold

I haven’t posted anything for a while, but decided to start doing it again. Skin, the biggest organ of our body, is prone to various types of damage. For example, excessive exposure to Sun’s damaging UV rays, pollution, wind, even cold temperatures; all these factors can make our skin look damaged, dry, and dull.

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2015 Billboard Music Awards Best and Worst Dressed

This year’s Billboard Music Awards were held on May 17, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The ceremony was hosted by Ludacris and Chrissy Teigen.

Like always, red carpet is the most interesting part of the evening, and we had the opportunity to witness some good and some horrible outfits.

And also we got to see Chris Brown with his daughter Royalty. How cute is that dress?


Taylor Swift was the best dressed and looked amazing in white jumpsuit. Renee Bargh wore a suit and looked stunning. Lily Aldrige and Martha Hunt are also on the list. Kendall Jenner showed once again why she is fashion’s IT girl lately. The list includes her sister Kylie Jenner. I was surprised. I got used to seeing Kylie in skimpy and not so age appropriate outfits lately. This one’s a nice change. Scarlett Leitheld wore black and white combination and a crop top but still managed to look great. Olivia Culpo wore a sexy, yet sophisticated dress. Laverne Cox wore a gorgeous dress and Idina Menzel showed why little black dress always works.

Worst dressed list includes Jennifer Lopez who wore a naked dress, again. No surprise here. Yes, we know you have a great body, but do you have to walk naked all the time? Iggy Azalea wore a disappointing outfit. Lindsey Sterling‘s dress looked cheap and Zendaya just had too much going on. Mariah Carey is prescribed to worst dressed list, she just can’t catch a break. Rita Ora wore a rather trashy outfit. And Dencia (who?) wore a ridiculous jumpsuit, I mean what is that? Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev, Alexa Losey and Vivian Lamolli are all on the worst dressed list too.

You can see galleries of best and worst dressed celebs here.



2015 Met Gala: Best and Worst Dressed

This year’s Met Gala was held on May 4, 2014 at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. Like always, the Gala provides the theme and this year’s theme was “China: Through the Looking Glass”. Met Gala is usually the opportunity to be creative and still show the elegant side, however some celebrities failed.

We have witnessed some good outfits, some bad ones, and Rihanna:

The best dressed celebrities included Jennifer Lawrence (as usual), stunning Sofia Vergara, and elegant Kate Hudson and Kate Beckinsale. Dianna Agron wore a beautiful white gown that paid a perfect tribute to China. Reese Witherspoon and Chrissy Teigen are also on the list. Shu Pei Qin and Ziyi Zhang also wore sophisticated and stunning gowns. Claire Danes is also one of the best dressed celebrities on the list. All these celebrities were elegant, wore stunning dresses, and still paid a perfect respect to the given theme.

When it comes to the worst dressed celebrities, we have had the opportunity to pick and choose from the bad and worst. Someone should send memo to Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez. China: Through the Looking Glass does not mean “Wear the naked dress“. I’m really not a fan of naked dresses. They are not elegant, not sophisticated, not pretty, and most certainly shouldn’t be a part of event like this. Yes, Beyonce, Kim, and Jennifer have great bodies (we know that), but you can still be hot and sexy without wearing – well, almost nothing. Something less really is more. Other celebrities on the list include Beyonce’s sister Solange who wore bizarre outfit. Katy Perry wore horrible graffiti gown. Dakota Johnson was on the list too along with Miley Cyrus and Madonna. Jamie Bochart and Chloe Sevingy joined the team of the worst dressed stars.

Below, you can see the galleries that include best and worst dressed celebrities at Met Gala, but first check out what stars wore at last year’s event:2014 Met Gala: Best and Worst Dressed



2015 BRIT Awards: Best and Worst Dressed

The 35th Annual BRIT Awards were held on Wednesday (February 25, 2015) at the O2 Arena in London.

Red carpet wasn’t actually impressive.

Best dressed was Taylor Swift with gorgeous gown. Rita Ora‘s dress was beautiful. Also, Paloma Faith wore a gorgeous gown. Jessie Ware, Daisy Lowe and girls from Little Mix are also on the list. Zoe Hardman wore a super cute  white, baby doll dress. Leigh Lezark opted for a monochrome dress and it was a success. I liked it. Jo Whiley was sophisticated. Laura Whitmore wore a cute, short dress and looked stunning.

The worst dressed person at the ceremony was Kim Kardashian. That jumpsuit was not beautiful, elegant or sophisticated. It looks like a piece of clothing prostitutes wear to get more customers. FKA Twigs‘ outfit was bad, just bad. Charli XCX wanted to look elegant and sexy at the same time, but failed at both. Ashley Roberts and Rebecca Ferguson are also on the list. Jamelia wore basic shirt + skirt outfit that was matched with horrific shoes. Sarah Jane Crawford wore a dress that looked like one side was attacking the other. Melanie Sykes wore, well that wasn’t a dress, that was lingerie. Holly Willougby‘s dress was too embellished. Laura Jackson‘s dress was nice, but it didn’t flatter her at all.

Before best and worst dressed at this year’s ceremony, take a look who was good and bad last year: 2014 BRIT Awards: Best and worst dressed



Oscars 2015: Best and Worst Dressed

The 87th Academy Awards ceremony took place on Sunday (February 22, 2015) at Dolby Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles. The award show was hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.

When it comes to red carpet, the celebrities were dressed better than at previous awards shows this season. There were no too many trashy outfits. It was difficult to come up with best and worst dressed list. Except a few obvious (good or bad) choices, others were a close call.

Jennifer Lopez was without a doubt the best dressed woman on the red carpet. She looked like a princess. I adored her dress, so stunning. Cate Blanchett was elegant (like always). Reese Witherspoon was beautiful and sophisticated. Margot Robbie proved that long-sleeved black dress doesn’t have to be boring. Anna Kendrick‘s dress was pretty, I loved the color. Rosamund Pike had a lot of hits and misses this season, but her last night’s outfit was a hit. Emma Stone made it clear that you can wear long-sleeved, non-plunging dress and still look fabulous. Lupita Nyong’o played it safe with a white dress, and looked lovely. I didn’t think Rita Ora would look elegant (due to her questionable outfits) but she made it. Jennifer Hudson‘s dress was sexy, elegant and its color was amazing.

When it comes to the worst dressed people, Torill Kove is the first name on the list. She looked like she didn’t even iron the dress, it was an ugly sight. Solange Knowles‘ outfit just wasn’t for Oscars, didn’t look nice, sophisticated at all. Dortih Mous was another failure as well. Blanca Blanco wore a radiant red dress, but it wasn’t a success. Felicity Jones wanted a princess moment, but her dress looked rather messy. Lorelei Linklater‘s dress just wasn’t Oscar-worthy. Gina Rodriguez could find a better dress. Everyone loved Scarlett Johansson‘s dress, but I wasn’t a fan. I like Scarlett and I know she can look great in everything and needs a better dress. Lady Gaga showed up in princess dress with dishwasher gloves. No, just no! America Ferrera‘s dress was unflattering, especially on the top. It did nothing for her.

Before this year’s best and worst dress, see what celebrities wore at last year’s ceremony: Oscars 2014: Best and Worst Dressed



2015 BAFTAs: Best and Worst Dressed

The 68th British Academy Film Awards were held on Sunday (February, 8) at London’s Royal Opera House.

Like always, red carpet was pretty interesting. There were celebrities that just don’t disappoint (Amy Adams, Reese Witherspoon) and there are those who just have bad taste (Natalie Dormer, Nadia Forde).

When it comes to best dressed list, besides Amy Adams and Reese Witherspoon, there is also Lea Seydoux. I absolutely loved her dress. Who said you can’t wear summer colors in winter? Also, Laura Bailey, Dianna Agron are on the list. Julianne Moore‘s dress was sizzling and sophisticated. Laura Haddock looked like a princes. Stacy Martin, Rosamund Pike and Keira Knightley are all among those who impressed at the red carpet.

Besides Natalie Dormer and Nadia Forde, on the worst dressed list there is also Romola Garai. Hofit Golan was pretty trashy. Claudia Winkleman, Hayley Atwell didn’t impress either. Just like Tanya Burr and Sienna Guillory whose dress was rather awkward. Kara Tointon‘s dress was simply cheap. Charlie Webster looked awful as well.

Still can’t stop thinking about Natalie Dormer’s gloves. Why? Just why?

Check out the best and worst dressed at last year’s ceremony here: 2014 BAFTA Awards: Best and Worst Dressed

Below are the galleries of best and worst dressed at BAFTAs.



2015 Grammy Awards: Best and Worst Dressed

57th Annual Grammy Awards were held on Sunday (February 8, 2015) in Los Angeles’ Staples Center.

I am, most certainly, not impressed by celebrities and their outfits. Most of them were truly awful.

All in all, this Grammys ceremony was a parade of bad taste justified as high fashion. Yes, those celebrities were high, but the clothes they wore were not fashion.

My best dressed was Beyonce, loved her gown. Jennifer Hudson opted for a little white dress and she looked sweet. Kim Kardashian is on the list too, and may I add her hair was fabulous. NIcole Kidman‘s dress was cute. Miranda Lambert, Katy Perry, Jessie J and Jhene Aiko are all included in the list. Also, Anna Kendrick wore a tuxedo which looked elegant, sophisticated and sexy. Taylor Swift did a great job with mermaid-blue dress.

The worst dressed celebrity was Rihanna. Her dress was simply horrible. Also didn’t like Miley Cyrus‘ outfit, looked rather cheap. Ciara‘s dress didn’t impress me. Meghan Trainor‘s dress didn’t flatter her, at all. Madonna‘s outfit was ugly, horrible and desperate. Iggy Azalea, Jenny Lewis are on the list too. Joy Villa wore a dress that made me ashamed of being a girl. Toni Braxton and Jane Fonda are all on the worst dressed list too.

You can see what celebrities wore during 2014 Grammys here: 2014 Grammy Awards: Best and worst dressed

Below are galleries of best and worst dressed at the ceremony.



2015 SAG Awards Best and Worst Dressed

21st annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were held on Sunday (January, 25) at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. As always, award ceremony means celebrities on red carpet, and that means – best and worst dressed list.

Modern Family had a huge success last night when it comes to red carpet. Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland are all on the best dressed list. They looked stunning. Emmy Rossum was, in my book, the best dressed celebrity out there. Claire Danes was stunning, just like Camila Alves. Reese Witherspoon was sophisticated and elegant (like always). This list includes one man, Kit Harington who looked gorgeous on the red carpet. Julia Louis-Dreyfus wore a stunning dress as well, I absolutely loved it.

When it comes to worst dressed celebrities, Julianna Margulies topped that list, without the doubt. Amanda Peet‘s dress looked like medieval servant’s nightgown. Emma Stone, Patricia Arquette and Keira Knightley didn’t impress either. Anna Chlumsky‘s dress looked a bit awkward. Rosamund Pike wore a terrible gown, that didn’t flatter her at all. Sophia Bush and Lo Bosworth wore dresses that looked rather messy and unflattering. Julia Roberts wore a jumpsuit, but it wasn’t a red carpet success. Something about lower part was a bit off.

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