Louis Vuitton + Michelle Williams = Match Made In Heaven

Usually don’t have any specific comment or desire to write anything about designer campaigns and collections but had to make an exception.

I have just seen Louis Vuitton Spring 2014 campaign starring Michelle Williams and it blew my mind. It’s perfect.

In their latest campaign, Michelle Williams models a trio of iconic LV bags: the new Lockit, the Capucines and the Alma.

It’s a big transition from Michelle’s last dark, kinda gothic campaign. Louis Vuitton Spring 2014 is all about spring, softer look.

Photographer Peter Lindbergh tried to capture the classic spirit of Louis Vuitton and it can be said he made it.

What I love the most is its simplicity. Everything is brought down to the minimum, but there’s still lots to be seen. Her hair is perfect, makeup is perfect and she’s dressed impeccably. Brings back the Old Hollywood glam.

Unlike so many other designer campaigns which include celebrities, this one isn’t tacky. It’s all about the elegance and sophistication and that’s what Louis Vuitton stands for.

All in all, less is always more.

Michelle Williams fits in perfectly:


Vogue loses credibility with Kim Kardashian cover

I was completely and utterly disappointed when I saw the April cover of Vogue magazine with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Here’s why:

Vogue has always been know as “the fashion bible”. If something or someone was featured in the magazine, you knew it was only because that was relevant in the fashion world.

Kim Kardashian is NOT relevant, NOT talented, NOT stylish. In fact, it should be illegal to put Kim Kardashian and style/fashion in the same sentence. She is only famous for being famous. And became so after 18+ home video. Classy? No. Vogue-worthy? I do not think so.

Anna Wintour never liked her. Everyone knew Kim Kardashian’s only chance to be on Vogue’s cover was if Wintour decided to retire. Anna always bragged about how high standards Vogue has got, so I was surprised she even decided to put Kim on the cover. If that’s not hypocritical, I don’t know what is.

However, it’s a pretty much known fact how Wintour downgraded Vogue lately. She makes it look like random celebrity mag you see on newsstands every single day. Its original aspect and views have been traded for celebrities that don’t exactly do anything.

Vogue’s loyal fanbase, subscribed readers, and those who respect their work loved the fact THE FASHION BIBLE was the only magazine where they couldn’t find Kim Kardashian. It was because they were aware of the fact she doesn’t belong there.

So why lower your standards? Because the editor is good friends with Kanye? Why would you go against your own policy and practically betray everyone who respected you for standing tall and not being afraid to refuse featuring someone just because they’re famous and nothing else?

Vogue was supposed to be magazine where you can read about fashion icons, designers, styles etc.

As far as I know, Kim Kardashian is not a fashion icon (she can’t dress to save her life), not a designer (even though she pretends she is), and most certainly has nothing to do with style.

The most respected fashion magazine on this planet, chooses to feature on their cover a woman who represents everything negative and someone who doesn’t fit in any of those standards Vogue used to have.

All in all, with this cover Vogue lost all their credibility.

Statement necklace

Statement necklace

I’ve expressed my love for accessories so many times by now.

Getting new rings, bracelets, necklaces etc. makes me happy. That’s why I just had to buy this statement necklace today. And you can never have too many of those stuff anyway.
Love its colors, and the length is perfect. The flowers are adorable and love their size.
The necklace is kinda crazy, cute and chic at the same time.
Cannot wait for spring and summer, it’s gonna match perfectly with spring/summer clothes.

The Oscars 2014: Best and worst dressed

The 86th Academy Awards were held at Hollywood & Highland Center in Los Angeles on Sunday (March 2, 2014).

Show was hosted by Ellen DeGeneres and she an amazing job. Ellen even managed to crash Twitter after uploading a picture with Bradley Cooper, Brad and Angelina, Lupita, Jennifer Lawrence etc. The picture has more than 2 million retweets and it’s the most retweeted picture in Twitter’s history. Well done, Ellen.

Here’s the pic:


The award show did bring a few surprises. Everyone was convinced Leonardo DiCaprio would won the golden statue, finally, but he was snubbed. Best actor award went to Matthew McConaughey.

You can see the entire winners list here:


What we realized last night fashion-wise is that fashion has its new queen – Lupita Nyong’o. The girl just never disappoints. Loved her dress. Angelina proved one more time how elegant and sophisticated she is.

Cate Blanchett was stunning as usual. Loved her dress. Looked heavenly.

There weren’t many fashion disasters last night. I was totally surprised, considering how awful can celebs appear on red carpet.

Here’s the best and worst dressed list:


2014 BRIT Awards: Best and worst dressed

BRIT Awards were held tonight (February 19,2014) at London’s O2 Arena.

The biggest night of British music offered so many different outfits too. From bright yellow dresses (Rita Ora) to red ones (Iggy Azalea).

Rita Ora was beyond stunning. Loved her dress. She was so beautiful. What I also liked was Nicole Scherzinger’s outfit. It was bondage-inspired but not in a trashy way. It was with class but sexy. Shows how you can look smoking hot even without choosing trashy clothes.

I disliked Kylie’s dress. It would have been way better if it wasn’t latex. Two bows and latex and stripper heels are just too much for me.

What I hated the most was Jessie J’s outfit, like it wasn’t ugly enough she added lilac lipstick which was beyond hideous.  That’s not expressing your style or expressing yourself. It’s just the wrong way to say “I’m different”.

Why is it such a problem to dress nicely and stylish if you’re going to event like that?

So here’s the gallery of best and worst dressed:

2014 BAFTA Awards: Best and Worst Dressed

The 67th British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards where held on Sunday, January 16th at Royal Opera House in London.

It’s one of the most prestigious awards and a great honor for every actor to receive one.

Considering how it’s always painful to see what celebrities wore at award’s shows, this time it wasn’t that bad. There were lots of great dresses and lots of hideous ones too.

Angelina Jolie wore tuxedo and was by far the best dressed. It was simple, sophisticated and also she looked very feminine. I loved it.

The battle for the worst dressed celebrity at BAFTA’s was between Maggie Gyllenhall and Lily Allen, such hideous outfits.

So here’s the list of best and worst dressed at 2014 BAFTA Awards:

2014 Grammy Awards: Best and worst dressed

56th annual Grammy Awards were held on Sunday (January 26) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Music’s biggest night witnessed Beyonce and Jay Z’s performance, lots of cleavage, bizarre dresses etc.

Can’t remember the last time I had so much trouble with figuring out who should be on my Best dressed list. Chrissy Teigen was the winner of last night’s red carpet, that’s for sure. The dress was perfection. Taylor Swift never disappoints.

Worst, by far, was Madonna with suit, cane, grills, just too much going on there.

So, after struggling with all red carpet arrivals, here’s the list of best and worst dressed: